BLUE WING -WINGS FOR CHANGE- 「Change tomorrow by flying today」

What is BLUE WING?
It's a program for everyone to take part in
changing the world.

ANA, the leading Japanese airline that started with just two helicopters,
is changing what it means to fly.
ANA presents BLUE CLASS.
Your flight becomes the wings for borderless Changemakers addressing the challenges of society, and a power for change in the world.

Your choice to fly BLUE CLASS becomes a new lifestyle.


You order a coffee that feels right for you. A flight should be the same. You know there's more to flying than just price and service. When you purchase your ticket on BLUE CLASS, ANA gives 1% of your airfare to Changemakers. You have the power to change the world by simply purchasing flight tickets.

A new way to spend your miles. Classy and meaningful.

Mile Donation

We all know miles are useful for purchasing flight tickets and shopping.
Spending your miles on BLUE WING can be even more meaningful.
Take part in change in the world.

Support like-minded people. An everyday way for change in the world.


Just one click to share the stories of BLUE WING on social media.
Get involved even when you are not flying or spending miles. Your shares inspire others.

Select Changemakers. For a better future, for a better world.


Changemakers are people who defy norms and rules - they are the people who push the boundaries to change the world for good - people with fun and positive attitudes. From health care, architecture, marine conservation, to training, there are varieties of Changemakers tackling world problems in their own unique ways.

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"I believe that the seeds of tomorrow’s businesses are there in our everyday lives hiding somewhere close-by. The formative experience that lead to Bikestartup & Co is a great example of that. I now look at things with a different perspective, no longer taking things at face value, changing the angle at which I view them. While the current scale of the business may not be that grand, I am proud to have created a business that clearly does some good and helps others. Going forward, I am hoping to take advantage of the business’s scalability and branch out into cycle tourism etc." #ANABLUEWING PEDALRest
"A business that is both worthwhile and socially significant. I set my company up knowing full well that we would not achieve success over night, and that we would need to build up a large network of spaces which currently stands at 10. So, to provide extra capital for the business, I setup an informative bicycle insurance comparison site with experience gained managing a similar project in the past, and directed traffic into the site though various media. Bicycle related businesses with both personal appeal and real potential help to motivate me in my work. On top of that, it is kind to the environment, and as a sharing economy is socially significant. This kind of remarkably simple universal business model that is not just following trends but finding a solution to one of society’s problems is one that feels worthwhile." #ANABLUEWING PEDALRest
"A formative experience can be turned into a business idea. My motivation for setting up Bikestartup & Co was precisely that. During the setup of my former company,, because I was a bit short of cash, I decided to save money by doing all my city commutes by bicycle. I quickly discovered many other merits to this method of commutation other than the fact that it was quicker and cheaper than public transport. However, there were never any places to park near my business meetings. More often than not, I would end up parking on the street, only to come back later and find that my bike had been towed away. It became something of a regular occurrence; I think about 10 times. Once you factored in the time and money it would take to go and retrieve it each time, the merits of commuting this way quickly evaporated. But that’s when I got thinking; that it was probably a much bigger problem being faced by society as a whole. It’s that thinking that gave birth to a new business idea." #ANABLUEWING PEDALRest
Making bike towing a thing of the past. That’s the slogan of PEDALRest, a new service creating bicycle parking spaces from idle properties and renting them via the power of the internet. This new innovation is the brainchild of Bikestartup & Co headed by CEO Nakajima Masaru. PEDALRest is just one of a number of ventures that Nakajima has pioneered since graduating university, starting with Sugolog which he forged from early work experience. But It was his adoption into the KDDI∞Labo5 program that provided him with the platform from which to create this new endeavor. In addition to PEDALRest, he also manages FRAME (a leisurely online read about bicycles) and a bicycle insurance comparison site. The spotlight moves to Nakajima, the next generation of Changemaker. Be sure to check the next few articles for an exclusive interview with the innovator himself. #ANABLUEWING PEDALRest
ANA has been nominated for the SDGs Business Awards! SDGs which stand for Sustainable Development Goals are a set of guidelines adopted by world leaders of developed countries at the United Nations General Assembly in 2015. There are 17 goals divided up into different categories such as environment and poverty broken down into 169 smaller global targets each with a set of indicators for achieving them. The nomination is in recognition of ANA’s BLUE WING PROGRAM which supports Changemakers who are out there tackling international society’s many problems. Along with ANA, a total of 10 companies have been nominated for this award and will be judged across 4 categories: Engagement Awards, Eco System Award, Scale-out Award, Cross Borders Award, with one company taking the overall top award. We will reveal the results when they are announced. Thank you for your continued support of the ANA BLUE WING Program. #ANABLUEWING


As Japan's leading global airline, ANA faces social challenges with sincerity and aims at providing "Values only an airline can offer". BLUE WING Program is a collaboration with "Ashoka", the world's biggest Social Entrepreneur network based in the US.

ANA Inspiration of JAPAN

ANA has been ranked "5-STAR" for four consecutive years.
One of Asia's leading airline companies, the ANA Group remains true to its roots, reaching for new challenges as we strive to benefit society and help create a future full of possibilities.
ANA's dedication to excellence underscores our commitment to help tackle global social issues.


*SKYTRAX is a UK-based consultancy for the air transport
industry and is know for its Airline Star Ranking.


Ashoka was founded in 1980 to support social entrepreneurs, who innovative ideas transform social systems at a grassroots level. Since then, we have identified and cultivated thousands of entrepreneurs with unique global-scale solutions to urgent social problems. We offer professional support services and connections to a global social entrepreneurs' network now spanning 89 countries.
Our ultimate goal is to foster an "Everyone A ChangemakerTM" world - encouraging citizens to not just rely on their governments or nonprofits, but to take the initiative in tackling social problems and building a better world.