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Every time you fly BLUE CLASS, you change the world.

BLUE WING is an original ANA program partnering customer with airline to subsidise air travel for Changemakers trying to change the world. One way you can participate in this program is to fly BLUE CLASS. For all flights booked via BLUE WING website, 1% of your airfare goes towards helping Changemakers with their air travel costs.

A new concept of air travel, beyond class.

Whether it be Economy, Business or First, all tickets purchased through the BLUE WING website qualify as BLUE CLASS meaning that every flight you take can be for the benefit of someone else.


1% of your flight ticket fee is assigned to Changemakers' travel expense

If you purchase your ANA flight ticket through this website, ANA will give 1% your airfare to Changemakers. It is a simple and smart way for you to help solve social problems.

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*There is no additional cost.

Unique value, “WING”

Your action of supporting Changemakers' flights through the ANA BLUE WING program converts into “WING” points. ANA aims to help Changemakers to reduce their transportation expenses, and connect our customers to support behind the scenes.

1 WING = 1 JPY

*1 WING = 1 mile

Current Flight Support

Here is the current total WING points. This figure will be updated frequently. Your support by flying on BLUE CLASS will help to boost the figures!

Purchase Air Tickets & Support Changemakers


ANA BLUE CLASS -Fly to make the world a better place-

List of the Changemakers you can support

Nowadays there are many social issues in the world. And the people who are trying to solve those problems are Changemakers. These Changemakers travel around the world most of the year, and the cost of their flights is enormous. The BLUE WING program aims to reduce their travel costs, which enable Changemakers to do more with the savings. It's important to get to know these Changemakers well first, so as to choose the one (or more!) you would like to support!

Portrait of Josh Nesbit
Portrait of Al Harris
Portrait of Mel Young
Portrait of Elizabeth Hausler
Portrait of Jack Sim
Portrait of Shivani Siroya
Portrait of Ashoka Japan
Support a Changemaker

Message behind BLUE CLASS's logo

BLUE CLASS's logo simply wants to change hardship to smiles. These two emoticons connect people who purchase BLUE CLASS, Changemakers, people who are facing social difficulties and problems, and members of this project. It also symbolizes that anyone can be a part of this world-changing project.

As a certified 5-star airline,
ANA can bring “Change tomorrow by flying today.”

Portrait of Akira Fukabori

ANA Market Communication

Akira Fukabori

What is the reason of supporting Changemakers?

We may have enough in our daily life and hearing the inspirational stories of Changemakers can bring the positive energy, which cannot be bought in any way. By purchasing BLUE CLASS ticket, the action can support the Changemakers, so that the positive energy can continue.

What kind of services is planned for BLUE CLASS customers?

To let our customers to actually feel the difference, we are planning to provide some surprise or special service in the future.

How did the concept of BLUE CLASS come up?

When I first joined ANA, I was fascinated by the corporate mission “--help to fulfill the hopes and dreams of an interconnected world” and was trying to find a possible way to convey it. I met a Changemaker, Mr. John Wood, in 2010 in a seminar who told me that he was flying 300 days in a year, took approximately 76 million yen as the transportation expenses. Whereas this cost can actually build a primary school and a nursery in Sri Lanka, I came up with the idea of flight support, which is also our strength being an airline, and this is BLUE WING. We spent around 4 years, gathered 27 members from ANA Group to make the program a sustainable and workable one. In order to let our customers to be part of the supporting circle, we created the BLUE CLASS.

Is BLUE WING just a CSR project?

A usual CSR project may focus on a one way donation support. But we think supporting Changemakers’ activities needs to be sustainable and to be run in long term basis, which the supporting customers, Changemakers & their association, also ANA can join ourselves together to create a long term supporting circle. Through the BLUE WING program, we can also let the overseas markets know that ANA is working on this new approach to better the world.

What would you like to achieve through BLUE CLASS?

By purchasing BLUE CLASS ticket to enjoy ANA’s services, our customers can enjoy more than just the benefit to oneself, but at the same time, the possibility to better the world by making a different choice. This is what we ultimately want to achieve.

The BLUE WING Program, includes purchasing BLUE CLASS on the BLUE WING website, “Donation” miles from your millage programs, and “Sharing” information about the BLUE WING Program through social media. For more details, please check our BLUE WING program website:

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