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Every BLUE CLASS flight is world-changing.

BLUE WING is an original ANA program partnering customer with airline to subsidise air travel for Changemakers trying to change the world. One way you can participate in this program is to fly BLUE CLASS. For all flights booked via BLUE WING website, 1% of your airfare goes towards helping Changemakers with their air travel costs.

A new concept of air travel, beyond class.

Whether it be Economy, Business or First, all tickets purchased through the BLUE WING website qualify as BLUE CLASS meaning that every flight you take can be for the benefit of someone else.


1% of your airfare is donated to Changemakers

For every ANA flight booked through this website, ANA will donate 1% your airfare to Changemakers. It's a simple and smart way to help support social causes.

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*There is no additional cost to you.

WINGS for Change

Actions taken through the ANA BLUE WING program are converted into a unique currency called “WINGs”. ANA uses these wings to help Changemakers reduce their transportation expenses. In return, you the customer are invited behind the scenes to share in their stories.

1 WING = 1 JPY

*1 WING = 1 mile

Current Flight Support

This is a total of WINGs raised so far. It will be constantly updated as new support comes in. Help boost the figures by buying BLUE CLASS!

Buy Flights & Support Changemakers


Current Cast of Changemakers

The world is full of problems. Here to face these head on are the problem solving Changemakers. They are active all over the globe, but the cost of travelling the world soon mounts up. BLUE CLASS helps alleviate this burden so that Changemakers can focus their funds on the real issues. Why not get to know the Changemakers a little better and support their cause.

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Support a Changemaker


The BLUE CLASS logo has been designed to encapsulate the innovative spirit of everyone involved in the program. When placed at the left or right of an image or piece of content, the two emoticons used in the logo create a clear connection between it and the program's objectives. It also symbolizes the endless possibilities of the program and that anyone can get involved.

The benefits of a 5-star airline
“Flying has New Value”

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ANA Market Communication

Akira Fukabori

Why Changemakers?

Because their stories are so inspirational and full of energy. The sort of stories that money can't buy. Buying BLUE CLASS not only supports the changemakers, it keeps their spiritually rich stories alive.

What future services can BLUE CLASS customers expect?

We are considering a number of services and surprises to show our customers what a difference their support really does make.

How did you come up with the BLUE CLASS concept?

Ever since joining the company, I have wanted to give shape to the company's corporate philosophy: “help to fulfill the hopes and dreams of an interconnected world.” Then in 2010, at a seminar outside the company, I met the changemaker John Wood. I learned that he spends 300 days of each year flying all over the world, amounting to 76 million yen in travel costs. That's equivalent to one extra primary school and a nursery in Sri Lanka. It was that conversation that provided the flash of inspiration that became the BLUE WING program, the idea of leveraging ANA's core competence to subsidize those costs. It took 4 years, but with help from inside and outside and 27 volunteers we created a workable and sustainable program. BLUE CLASS provides a way for customers to get involved.

Isn't BLUE WING just a CSR project?

While most CSR projects are normally one way donations, the BLUE WING program is all about airline and Changemakers joining hands to make the world better together. The program was designed to be sustainable and give something back to society in the long term. The program is intended to create a support circle for the Changemakers and increases awareness of the airline and bring lots of new customers into the fold through their activities.

What would you like to achieve through BLUE CLASS?

To create an ANA service that makes our customers feel positive while changing the world. That's the ultimate dream of BLUE CLASS.

BLUE CLASS is just one way in which customers can be involved in the program. Other ways are ANA mile donation and sharing on social media.

Other Ways to Participate