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By providing Endeavor’s entrepreneurs with access to air travel, ANA allows new Japanese companies to focus their much-needed resources toward building innovative products and services.



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Transforming Economies

imageCo-founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg founded Endeavor with the core belief that high-impact entrepreneurs are the key levers of sustainable economic growth. Today, Endeavor is a worldwide community of entrepreneurs, mentors, board members, partners, and team members who make up a global support network for innovation.

Since its establishment in 1997, Endeavor has built a network of over 1,600 entrepreneurs in 60 cities. With Endeavor’s support, the entrepreneurs in its network have created over 1.5 million jobs and generated 15 billion USD (1.6 trillion JPY) in 2017 alone.

No Word for Entrepreneur

imageFor Linda, the light bulb moment for Endeavor came in the back of a taxi cab in Buenos Aires, where she was working at the Ashoka Foundation. She struck up a conversation with the driver and was shocked to learn he had a PhD in Engineering. She asked if he had considered becoming an entrepreneur instead of driving a taxi. “An empresario?” he said dismissively, using the Spanish word for a big businessman. It suddenly occurred to her that there was no Spanish word for “entrepreneur.”

It turned out that entrepreneurs in Argentina could only access $100 microcredit loans or $100 million dollar investments, there was no infrastructure to support entrepreneurs that had a good idea but no access to capital or connections. Linda realized that by supporting these entrepreneurs she could help create jobs and contribute to the development of the local economy.

After launching in Argentina, Endeavor continued to establish new offices across South America and other emerging markets. Around 2013, after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Endeavor expanded its program to developed markets, launching offices in the United States and Europe. Today, Endeavor helps accelerate the growth of entrepreneurial ventures around the world.

A Global Network

imageEndeavor is comprised of a network of over 4,000 business leaders who provide mentorship, connections, and investment to high-impact entrepreneurs growing their companies. Endeavor mentors and board members are business leaders and successful founders with experience in a wide variety of industries. They have achieved success and want to pay it forward by passing their knowledge along to the next generation of founders.

Endeavor Japan launched in 2017 with the support of 14 founding board members, who represent the country's top CEOs and entrepreneurs.

Oki Matsumoto, CEO of Monex Group and Chairman of the Endeavor Japan Board, believes that “innovation has the power to change society for the better. Through Endeavor, I seek out and support talented entrepreneurs that I believe will positively contribute to Japan’s economic future.”

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Portrait of ENDEAVOR


Endeavor is an NPO that selects and supports entrepreneurs capable of expanding entrepreneurial ecosystems and bringing economic growth to their local markets. Going beyond all borders and limitations, it provides connections, mentorship, and investment support to entrepreneurs, the changemakers of this world. The Endeavor network is made up of over 500 board members and thousands of mentors, including world-renowned entrepreneurs and executives of major corporations.


Endeavor Japan Is A Door Between Entrepreneurs and The World. Ryoko Manabe, the managing director of Endeavor Japan said that one of the primary missions of the organization is to be a door between entrepreneurs and the world by helping Japanese entrepreneurs go global, as well as entrepreneurs from overseas come to Japan. Endeavor’s activities support entrepreneurs to make society a better place. #endeavor #ANABLUEWING
Endeavor Is Now Joining Changemakers. Endeavor, a non-profit organization founded by Linda Rottenberg in 1997, is based on her strong belief that the world can become a better place by supporting entrepreneurs. After 20 years since its establishment, the organization has expanded to 32 offices in 28 countries. Entrepreneurs supported by Endeavor have been making impactful contributions to their respective country’s economic growth while creating many employment opportunities. There is no doubt that the organization will show further growth and expansion through the various initiatives supported by ANA BLUE WING. ANA BLUE WING will support “the future entrepreneurs” going global by accepting the challenge to change the world into a better place. #endeavor #ANABLUEWING
Start of Special Feature: BLUE WING x Endeavor Project ANA BLUE WING is proud to become the first airline in Asia to provide official flight support for Endeavor, the world’s largest entrepreneur support community. As they pursue their mission to spearhead a high impact entrepreneur movement around the world, Endeavour has so far helped 1,400 entrepreneurs contribute 980 billion yen in revenue to the global economy as well as providing employment to 600,000 people. This powerful alliance is a coming together of shared goals towards creating a better society by helping more and more next generation entrepreneurs in Japan to get their new innovations off the ground. #ANABLUEWING #Endeavor Read more: URL: