3 ways to participate.

Get involved in the BLUE WING Program through any of these 3 ways.


“Wing” The Value Unique to Blue Wing.

Your action is added through "WINGS" that support Changemakers. Wing counts are given to Changemakers to lighten the burden of their flight cost, thus helping to finance their activities.

1 WING = 1 JPY

*1 WING = 1 mile

[BLUE CLASS] Support Changemakers by purchasing BLUE CLASS Flight Tickets.

When you purchase the flight tickets on BLUE CLASS, with no additional cost, 1% of the ticket fare goes to Changemakers from ANA. You get to support Changemakers with the normal airfare.

BLUE CLASS illustration

*There is no additional cost.

Purchase flight tickets

[MILE DONATION] Donate miles and support Changemakers.

Period : 5th September 2016 - 31th March 2018
Now you can support Changemakers with your miles. Donations can be made from 1 unit = 3,000 mile (3,000 WINGS).

MILE DONATION illustration

[SHARE] Share on Social Media and Support Changemakers.

Simply access BLUE WING Facebook page and Twitter account to share the Stories. Each time you share, 15 WINGS will be given to Changemakers from ANA. Also 15 WINGS are given to Changemakers when you share BLUE WING website on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

SHARE illustration

For Official Social Media Accounts click here

<Eligible Actions>

On Facebook, Any "Reaction" "Comment" or "Share"
Sharing website on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.