A Boost for Social Entrepreneurs

with Global Ambitions

All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan’s five-star rated airline, is joining forces with Endeavor, the world’s largest entrepreneur support community, to foster entrepreneurs and promote global innovation. As Endeavor’s first official airline sponsor from Asia, ANA will provide Endeavor’s members with flight support to accelerate both entities’ mutual goal of elevating local high-impact entrepreneurs onto the global stage.

Established in 1997, Endeavour is an international NPO set up to provide support for entrepreneurs. Now celebrating its 20th year, it has so far built a network of 1,400 entrepreneurs, contributed 980 billion yen to the global economy and created employment for 600,000 people. Including its founder Linda Rottenberg, Endeavor boasts a number of influential and successful business figures among its board members. ANA will be expanding its BLUE WING Program to subsidize air travel for entrepreneurs and startups that aspire to expand their field and scope by joining Endeavor’s global network.

This partnership brings together both entities’ synergistic missions: Endeavor’s mission to effect positive change in the world by supporting high-impact entrepreneurs, and BLUE WING’s mission to support social entrepreneurs tackle social issues and change the world. Together, ANA and Endeavor aim to foster the next generation of leaders and accelerate discovery of new global innovations.

BLUE WING is an original All Nippon Airways program partnering customers with the five-star airline to subsidize air travel for Changemakers trying to change the world. The program currently services 43 city routes around the world.

Based in New York, Endeavor is the world’s largest NPO supporter of entrepreneurs. Helping to oversee this network of 1400 members, is a board that counts as its members the founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, among many others. Endeavor Japan marks the company’s 27th branch, and was formed by the country’s top representative CEOs and entrepreneurs that include founder of startup Mistletoe, Taizo Son as well as the CEO of the Monex Group, Oki Matsumoto.


  • Oki Matsumoto

    Chairman of NPO Endeavor Japan
    CEO of Monexgroup, Inc.

    I believe that innovation has the power to change society for the better.
    Endeavor is all about forging globally connected ecosystems derived from locally created solutions and innovations that can scale to make a positive change at the global level. Through my role in Endeavor, I seek out and support talented entrepreneurs that are able to leverage Endeavor’s support and network to positively contribute to our future.
    My hope is that through our partnership with ANA, we can further empower Changemakers and accelerate the change towards a brighter future.
  • Makoto Takano

    CEO of NPO Endeavor Japan
    CEO/Editor of Forbes Japan
    Founder/CEO of D4V

    A bridge between You and the world
    Endeavor’s goal is to create ecosystems of successful local entrepreneurs all over the world to break free from the previous paradigm that being outside of Silicon Valley is somehow detrimental to a startup’s eventual success. In other words, we aim to democratize entrepreneurs’ access to support such as networking and mentoring, among others. I decided to join Endeavor as a board member since my mission is also to help talented entrepreneurs to succeed on the global stage. This BLUE WING project helps entrepreneurs to travel the world, and I hope this project will act as a catalyst for the creation of new globally successful businesses.
  • Hiro Tamura

    Partner, Atomico

    Beyond Borders
    The age of Entrepreneurs is here. Great entrepreneurs are emerging from all over the world, tackling and solving some of the most challenging and rewarding opportunities that extend beyond borders. In turn, they are helping to fuel economic growth. As members of Endeavor Japan, we strongly believe that we can not only help our local entrepreneurs go global by tapping into the unique network of Endeavor, but equally help international entrepreneurs tap into the opportunities in Japan. Our partnership with ANA and the Blue Wing Project will help facilitate and foster a critical component of building personal interactions and strengthening relationships beyond borders.


Users can further contribute to the support provided by ANA by sharing our content on SNS. Each share on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin is converted into 15 WINGS (1 WING = 1 yen) and donated to Endeavor. By simply sharing our contents you can help subsidize the air travel of startups and social entrepreneurs.

Forbes Interview with Endeavor Founder Linda Rottenberg

I want to create an ecosystem where successful entrepreneurs help nurture the next generation. As Endeavor founder, Linda ’s mission is the creation of a community that connects people with entrepreneurial mentors, who have themselves made their mark on society and business leaders that support innovation around the world.

BLUE WING’s Flight Support Empowers Entrepreneurs with Global Ambitions

Satoshi Sugie

Endeavor Entrepreneur WHILL, Inc.

A conversation with a Global Top Leader

In February, 2017, WHILL, a personal mobility venture based in the US, joined US headquartered Endeavor’s vast entrepreneur support community that spans 30 offices across 27 countries.
“We joined endeavor because it gives us an audience with the world’s top leaders”, explains WHILL founder, Sugie Satoshi. He added that discussions with top leaders about society and the future that were made possible thru Endeavor’s network are a source of inspiration, guidance, and future opportunity.

Making the Most of Endeavor’s Connections

“The nonpublic networking site “Endeavor Open” that is available upon joining the Endeavor community provides us access to a global community to share information and network with influential global leaders” Mr. Sugie spends a third of his time every month in the air. “That’s why BLUE WING bringing its flight support to Endeavor is such a significant development”. “It helps us to really cut our travel costs”. As demonstrated by his words, the benefits are huge and that people like him trying to go up a gear in their global business expansion have high hopes for this flight support.

About WHILL, Inc.

Since its founding in 2013, WHILL’s mission is to transform today’s antiquated power wheelchair and scooter experiences into a new kind of empowering device, an intelligent personal electric vehicle (EV). WHILL is reinventing the personal mobility industry with intelligent personal EVs that focuses on an approachable and aesthetically pleasing powered vehicle that boosts confidence and pushes the boundaries of personal transportation. Headquartered in the Bay Area in the United States with offices in Tokyo and Taiwan, WHILL is focused on enabling everyone to explore the world in comfort and style.