ChangemakerXChange Summit held for the first time in Asia!
The youth working to make a difference
in our society were finally gathered under one roof.

Produced by Ashoka Japan and Camp Studio

19 Participants – each a Changemaker – from 8 Countries assemble in Tsuwano

Ashoka is the organization responsible for supporting and developing
each and every Changemaker in 90 countries across the globe.
Sponsored by the Bosch Group out of Germany, the 11th
ChangemakerXChange Summit was held from June 1st through 5th
in the cities of Tsuwano.
While the past 10 summits were held in Europe, the Middle East, and
North Africa, this was the first to be held in Asia. Chosen from over 200
candidates, and representing eight different countries, what kinds of
things were these 19 under-30 social entrepreneurs able to
experience and learn?
ANA BLUE WING served as the official flight sponsor for the event, acting
as the literal “wings” for each and every Changemaker.

What Kind of Reaction Comes from
a Meeting of Leaders
Poised to Change the World?

This summit was formed around three main goals:

First, to develop and nurture the connections between participants.

Second, to encourage collaboration from truly global social entrepreneurs.

Finally, to help put each Changemaker up as a model to the youth of the world, hopefully influencing each successive generation to make the world a better place.

Considering these goals, the main criteria for selecting a participant
was to look for a creative individual
who also carries a great deal of respect for others.
Simply said, a person who can serve as a leader on a new project,
while also having enough creativity to include a personal touch.
Originality, validity, and the possible impact
– not to mention current progress – of their ideas upon society
was also a large factor in consideration.

As each summit saw a large participation from the host country,
this was a first in terms of Japanese representation.
Including the German representatives, this was the first time
for many participants to venture outside of their own continent!
Beginning with a retreat in Tsuwano city,
the summit greatly encouraged a borderless exchange of ideas.

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