Changemakers' ambition : Let's build the society
Disasters cannot beat.

During times of need, ANA BLUE WING supports social entrepreneurs working to build up local communities. Among those organizations are Build Change, led by Elizabeth Hausler, and Medic Mobile, led by Josh Nesbit, both working in Nepal; and Ashoka Tohoku Youth Venture, working in the region of Japan devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake. We can learn much from the actions and passions of the leaders of these change-making organizations.

Nepal Japan

Sustainable solutions brighten the future of local communities.

The Nepal earthquake of April 25th, 2015 brought with it significant damages and loss of life, but the people of Nepal refuse to be beaten by the disaster. Similarly, the aid organizations supporting Nepal have been inspired to overcome the challenges of providing housing and health care in such a mountainous country. Despite difficult transportation and frequent power shortages the passion of the contributing organizations cannot be doused. They continue working with the local communities, and through their acts have shown great drive toward rebuilding the country. Ashoka Japan provides strong support to the young people working hard to create a bright future for the people still recovering from the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. The people at Ashoka, as well as the youth volunteers share a common goal of SUSTAINABILITY as a key to the success of their initiatives. The ongoing activities of these “Changemakers” offers a powerful message of love, charity and hope for the future.


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Enjoy snapshots of Nepal, a country of diversity and natural beauty, full of vivid colors and an incomparable people.


Changemakers' ambition :  Let's build the society
Disasters cannot beat.