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MOKU-CHIN KIKAKU Principal/Founder Muraji Yutaro

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2019-03-29 12:00:02
Linkage and Positive Action for Problem-Solving ‘KAIGO LEADERS’ consists of PRESENT, a platform for learning, and ‘KAIGO MY PROJECT,’ a platform for production. PRESENT features address by leading authorities from inside and outside the nursing business. Each session attracts nearly 100 participants, for an extended total of about 3,000 so far. While people are apt to think that nursing workers merely “take care” of others, the focus now is on the question of how to prepare environments enabling people who require nursing to be active in the community. We are making PRESENT into an opportunity for learning about nursing from all angles, including perspectives on involvement with people who have dementia through first-person experience of it using virtual reality (VR) devices, signs of change in nursing based on technology such as devices for foreknowledge of evacuation, and community design and management. ‘KAIGO MY PROJECT,’ the platform for production, is a workshop-type program. In it, youth interested in nursing come together for a period of three months and give form to their ideas. It generates various types of action, such as a project in which a leader on a nursing site attained a zero-quittance rate for 12 months. So far, 140 people have taken part in this program. Each session is a big success. All the participants are enthusiastic, and some seem reluctant to leave even when the proceedings are over. KAIGO LEADERS: #nextcm #ANABLUEWING #KAIGOLEADERS
2019-03-28 12:00:01
Nursing Work is Appealing. That’s Why I Want to Somehow Do It. In 2025, members of Japan’s postwar baby-boomer generation will fall in the category of later-stage elderly, and approximately one-fourth of its citizenry will be aged 75 or over. This is the so-called “2025 problem.” The nursing business also faces not a few other issues, including a shortage of workers and the plight of elderly who must take care of each other. While summed up in the term “nursing,” the related domain spans a wide range of fields including meals, buildings, devices, and education. Nursing is subject of immediate concern that is closely intertwined with the lives of all. I too was not interested in nursing at first. My initial contact with it came in my university days, when I became involved in production of ‘Magokoro,’ a free paper that served as a tool of communication with people with dementia, through an entrepreneurial group I had joined. To learn about dementia, I worked part-time at a nursing facility for two years. At that time, the environment was such that I met almost only the users and staff. And when I returned home, the information about nursing that I saw on the news was almost all negative and concerned with unfortunate incidents etc. I was discontent with the closed atmosphere. At the same time, however, I found the work of nursing itself very interesting, although I saw various issues firsthand. While I was in the university, activities of social contribution quickened due to the influence of the Great East Japan Earthquake. In this situation, I realized that the other students were generally not concerned about nursing issues. I was originally enrolled in the department of commercial science, and I guess that is precisely why I felt that something was wrong and got a sense of mission about it myself. KAIGO LEADERS: #nextcm #ANABLUEWING #KAIGOLEADERS
2019-03-27 12:00:01
Producing Young Leaders for the Nursing Care Field with the Approach of the 2025 Problem Posting the mission of “Challenging human possibilities from the perspective of nursing,” Join for Kaigo Co., Ltd. is developing business for resolution of issues in the nursing domain with the power of people. Ms. Kaai Akimoto, its Representative Director, was also selected for one of the Youthleader Awards announced this February in a ceremony held by the Development Association for Youthleaders. Join for Kaigo has two major pillars. One is the operation of ‘KAIGO LEADERS,’ Japan’s biggest community of youth who are concerned about nursing. The other is services in consulting for human resource hiring, retention, and development in the nursing domain. For this issue, ANA BLUE WING asked Ms. Kaai about ‘KAIGO MY PROJECT,’ a ‘KAIGO LEADERS’ program. This program is a workshop that brings together people with an interest in nursing from different fields, including nursing care workers, physicians, physical therapists, and other experts as well as students, and is held to generate action. As Japan enters the coming age with a higher demand for nursing services, the circle of parties cooperating with the company’s activities is widening, as exemplified by REJOB Co., Ltd., the company which provided the venue for the program (and operates a website exclusively for recruitment of nursing personnel). The following pages present comments by Ms. Akimoto, whom ANA BLUE WING is watching as a next-generation ‘Changemaker’. KAIGO LEADERS: #nextcm #ANABLUEWING #KAIGOLEADERS
2019-02-28 18:00:02
No Need to Stop Something in Order to Start Something Our immediate objective is to expand opportunities for participation by more people. We are also considering an increase in opportunities for introducing our ideas by going to companies or educational institutions to hold classes for employees as part of training etc. By making the most of my qualification as a psychiatric social worker, I would also like to create programs that would allow even people who cannot come to Mealink to experience our classes, so they could feel better from healthier eating. Virtually all of the staff at Mealink work in companies or go to school on weekdays, and are involved with us as a sideline or as volunteers. If I could say something to people who would like to get involved in social reform or change, it would be this: there are things you can do while working; stopping something or giving something up is not the only choice if you want to change something. You can start from the fields of interest to you, doing only as much as you can do within your schedule. If you have an interest in food, I urge you to come to Mealink. We would be delighted to see you. Please feel free to come to Mealkitchen, our meal exchange gathering we hold once every two months. The foregoing is our introduction of Yuka Mochizuki. ANA BLUE WING is going to continue supporting next-generation Changemakers! Mealink: #nextcm #ANABLUEWING #mealink
2019-02-27 12:00:02
A Wish to Increase the Ranks of People Who Think About Food At present, people in their 20s are the main targets of Mealink. One of the reasons is that they constitute the generation whose members will increasingly have families in the future. Another is that many of them will be living alone or becoming self-supporting over the coming years, and therefore begin to select their own meals and pay for them with their own money. We would like them to think about a wide range of options in making food selections. If they consider the options from various perspectives, they will be able to make selections not only based on low cost or convenience but also what is good for their bodies. To this end, Mealink LABO, our two-month hands-on cooking program, begins with learning about the origin of products in the market, additives, different types of vegetable cultivation, and other matters related to foodstuffs. Next, the participants go shopping together, select foodstuffs after examining them with their own eyes, and actually cook them by following recipes they devised themselves. We took this approach because we did not want to present the participants with “right answers” and tell them how to cook and what to eat. Instead, we wanted to increase the ranks of people who think about food as the basis of their own health, through their own learning and cooking practices. The program has been rewarding for us, because many of the participants have commented that they are doing more cooking for themselves and have become more confident about the dishes they make. Mealink: #nextcm #ANABLUEWING #mealink
2019-02-26 20:08:58
A Desire to Recruit Like-minded Members of the Same Generation Hi, this is Yuka Mochizuki, the representative director of Mealink. I had the bitter experience of affliction with an eating disorder in my high school days, due to dieting and stress. During that period, the only thing I could eat was vegetarian dishes. Although I currently incorporate such dishes rather loosely, my dietary life centered on vegetarian foods for about three years afterward. The experience drove it home to me that meals make our bodies and deepened my interest in food at a single stroke. I went to various restaurants and stores, and attended cooking classes for dishes made with medicinal herbs and macrobiotic cuisine, for example. As my knowledge about food increased, I began to think more about the connection with society through food, such as the existence of farmers growing each and every vegetable and the labor environment of producers behind every cup of coffee. Gradually, I conceived the desire to share this perspective with a wider circle of university students and other people of my generation. As is also shown by statistics, however, people in their 20s are the least concerned about food, and I was not often able to make the acquaintance of other members of my generation who had the same interest as I. I therefore decided to build a community myself, and launched Mealink. Mealink #nextcm #ANABLUEWING #mealink
2019-02-25 12:00:01
What You Eat Today Makes What You and Society Are Tomorrow While realizing their importance, we are apt to take meals lightly because we are busy. Nevertheless, the daily meals build our bodies and are linked to society as well. Mealink, a general incorporated association, was founded out of desires to deliver this message, and engages in activities based on the idea that “what you eat today makes what you and society are tomorrow.” It commenced operation as a university student group for education about food in May 2010. “We want to create occasions for thinking about daily meals again.” and “We want to make people aware of how meals are linked to various things.” In keeping with these wishes, Mealink has remained vigorously active in cooking classes, program research, and other projects, and is now in its ninth year. The group was incorporated three years ago. At present, its membership centers around university students and graduates in their 20s, but includes people in a wider range of age groups, from their teens to their 30s. ANA BLUE WING is focusing on Yuka Mochizuki, the representative director of Mealink, who founded the group at age 19, when she was in her second year at the university, as a next-generation Changemaker. We interviewed her about the activities of her group and her thoughts on it. Mealink #nextcm #ANABLUEWING #mealink
2018-01-15 12:04:00
NEXT Changemaker Series: Preservation is not “Avoiding Change”, it’s “Embracing Change” Ohara: Our vision which is about maximizing the power of matsuri can be split into two parts: using matsuri to revitalize towns and communities, and encouraging more people to embody this ethos. Matsurism is the inherent value of matsuri. It’s about deepening one’s love for one’s hometown, about raising your voice as loud as you can and putting you whole body into it; it’s about real interactions between people. Life in the cities is logical and robotic, but I think there is more to humanity than that. And from an educational standpoint, you learn more running your own matsuri than you do sat in front of a desk. I worry that old traditions like this might be lost with the advancement of technology, and with it humanity itself. Matsurism challenges the idea of keeping things the same to protect them. To change is to preserve and it’s that ethos that we want to promote by getting more people involved with matsuri, which I plan to do on a much wider scale by taking matsuri around the country. That wraps up the interview with Manabu Ohara and Kyoji Iwadate and with it another edition of the Next Changemaker series. If these posts have piqued your interest in matsuri, why not join one of Matsurism’s tours. BLUE WING will continue to support Changemakers like these and put them in the spotlight. #nextcm #ANABLUEWING #matsurism