Taking up challenges is part of ANA's DNA

Challenging through trial and error
That is ANA's fundamental approach to solving problems.

Continually Rising to Meet New Challenges is ANA's Core Value

In 1952, most airlines were supported financially by governments. At that time, ANA started as a helicopter service, but had a clear vision to run as an independent commercial airline. ANA's core culture to challenge new things through trial and error has been its fundamental approach from the beginning. Now ANA is a certified 5-star airline operating a network of over 40 locations across the world. BLUE WING program will be a pillar for growth in the future.

Partnership with Changemakers

By taking advantage of its strength as an airline, now ANA partners with Changemakers, who are entrepreneurs tackling social problems. Instead of simply donating to charities, which is standard but provides no added value for the company, ANA challenges itself to find new ways of promoting sustainable societies. This partnership is called BLUE WING program.

Charismatic Changemakers

BLUE WING program supports charismatic Changemakers who dedicate themselves to solving social problems around the world with creative visions and strategies. Their stories are powerful and inspirational. These Changemakers travel around the world most of the year, and the cost of their flights is enormous. BLUE WING program cuts travel costs, which enables Changemakers to do more with the savings.

Seeking Long-term Relationships

Subsidizing Changemakers’ air travel helps solve social problems while improving brand recognition in the process. It’s a mutually sustainable business model. As an industry leader, ANA will continue to support changemakers by joining hands with customers who share the same passion to change the world. And by doing so, fulfill the hopes and dreams of people everywhere, some of whom may never have taken a plane before.